April 29, 2016

director of contemporary worship

shani billsshani bills


What do you love about Wesley Church?

I love Wesley’s character–and characters. Because Wesley is home to so many people who are so different from one another, it is totally unique, and funny, and beautiful, and at times, mystifying. I truly believe there’s not another church like it to be found anywhere. I could go on for hours.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who manage to do the impossible, people who refuse to accept that something is impossible just because it hasn’t been done before.

What book (besides the Bible) has changed you the most?

This might sound like a carefully-chosen response, but it’s completely true. I’ve always loved to read, but I gravitate toward fiction, not true stories or factual biographies, and God apparently knew that about me. After I had been away from the Catholic Church for a few years, my mom gave me a copy of the first book in the Left Behind series. I had never read the Bible up to that point, so it occurred to me that God gave me the basic facts through a work of fiction. I was particularly struck by the description of the characters’ small church, because it seemed like such an authentic community…and it made me wonder if there were churches like that in the real world. It turns out that there are.

What is your favorite smell? Why?

Again, this sounds canned, but I love the smell of Wesley’s Sanctuary, especially when I’m the only one in the building. It smells like a church should smell. (That might not make any sense, but it’s true for me.) Another smell I like: hyacinth flowers in bloom, because my Grandma had them surrounding her backyard, so I think of her anytime I smell hyacinth.

What is your role at Wesley?

My role is to lead worship, and to lead the praise band. I am blessed to be able to say that I love what I do here, and I’m still humbled and amazed and thrilled that I get to do these things every week.